AC Spotlights Central Grad

Reina Rodriguez

November 9 Nontraditional Student Spotlight

Reina Rodriguez is an exceptional student. She is a hard working, dedicated, and highly motivated student who is always smiling and willing to help others. She is one of the top students in her Anatomy & Physiology class.

Reina has successfully excelled in college while keeping a job at a local grocery store. She says, “It has been very challenging to get adjusted to going to college full time and keeping a job, while at the same time trying to spend time with family and friends.” However, Reina explains that continuing to work hard everyday has been the key to her success in college. After graduating from college, she looks forward to finding a stable job that will make her happy and that she will fully enjoy.

Reina’s advice for current students and those who are considering attending college is: “You have to work really hard for what you want and to achieve your goals. Ask questions if you don’t know something, stay organized by keeping a schedule, and try to make friends that will help you study. Studying with others is fun!”